Samburu riding school

People often ask for a ride on our bikes, and we have a bank of excuses as to why that wouldn’t be such a good idea (too big, too heavy, too hilly…). However when a couple of guys from the Samburu tribe quietly and politely asked if they could have a go, we couldn’t refuse. Hoisting themselves onto the bike as if it were a horse (nearside pedal first) was a sight to be seen – they certainly don’t have anything under their skirts.

One thought on “Samburu riding school

  1. Mark CWT says:

    Well done guys..
    And importantly:
    Have you planned a post tour Q&A document yet??
    Or perhaps a live Q&A for an entertaining evening. 😄
    Puncture (lack of !) strategy
    How you obtain? / carry ?! 14 litres of water in a desert


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