Locusts hitching a ride on the bike

Never would I have said that I was scared of creepy crawlies, but this was certainly the worst hour spent on the bike so far – I would happily have taken a battering of stones from the Ethiopian children.

Riding along in the desert we hit a swarm of locusts. There wasn’t anything in the sky, but instead they created a carpet on the road. First just one, then two….before we knew it there were thousands. As we rode along they had to jump out of the way, bouncing into our ears and making themselves comfortable on the toes of our shoes 😖!! Several days later we were puzzled to see bright yellow trees in the distance. We assume it must be some sort of blossom. As we drew closer a big cloud covered the sky….a a spectacle of locusts. Luckily they kept themselves to themselves this time.

As much as these creatures made me squirm, and provided James with excellent entertainment, on a more serious note they are causing havoc across east Africa. We saw many farmers attempting to spray their crops, but talking to them they are very worried about the destruction that is being caused.

Many people are pointing the finger at government corruption leading to ineffective spraying of crops, however it’s clear that climate change has had a major impact on this unprecedented invasion.

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