Our Cause

We’re setting out to cycle to Cape Town because we love adventures! Particularly the kind of adventures where we can get on our bikes, meet people, and experience life in their communities. However, our trip also presents an incredible opportunity to have a positive impact on the places we visit – that’s always been important to us on our travels.


We’ll be working with and raising money for Give Directly, and the WAGGGS (World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts). If you’re able to support us, please donate here.


Rethinking charitable giving 

Most of us want to make a positive difference in the world – however we rarely know the true impact of what we do or give. Effective Altruism is a growing movement that uses research to help people channel their time and resources into the areas where they can do the greatest good.  

On our trip, we’ll be supporting GiveDirectly, a charity rated as highly effective by GiveWell. They identify households in sub-Saharan Africa living in extreme poverty, and give them money with no strings attached. That provides them with funds, autonomy and dignity. Recipients tend to spend the money on education, home improvement, and starting a business. GiveDirectly has also recently started the world’s largest Universal Basic Income trials, providing whole communities with regular income to cover their basic needs.


Need a new book? Try: Doing Good Better: Effective Altruism and a Radical New Way to Make a Difference’


Empowering women

Since the age of 7 Lucy has been part of the Girl Guiding Association. WAGGGS (World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts) supports girls and young women to develop their full potential as leaders and active citizens of the world. WAGGGS speaks out on behalf of girls and young women everywhere while empowering them to advocate for themselves. 

For many women across the world, a bicycle is more than a weekend toy. It is a symbol of empowerment – providing freedom, easier access to vital resources, and enabling them to spend more time on education. Unfortunately many women don’t have access to a bike, no time to learn to ride it, and in some countries it is even seen as ‘unwomanly’ to ride. 

Along our trip we’ll be visiting WAGGS groups to talk about our trip, and hopefully inspire young women to consider giving cycling a go – whether as a fun weekend hobby, or to open more opportunities up to them.