Downhill to the Black Sea

We have made it to he Danube, Europe’s second longest river. Downhill now to the Black Sea! In reaching the Danube, we’ve also entered Bavaria – the land of quaint towns 🏘, endless Schlösser (castles) 🏰, Weizenbier (wheat beer) 🍻, and Wuest (sausages) 🌭. Lessons learnt within the first 24 hours – all shops shut on Sunday so sourcing food is near impossible; you shouldn’t eat the skin of your white sausage; and it’s certainly not downhill the whole way to the Black Sea!

2 thoughts on “Downhill to the Black Sea

  1. The Fussey's says:

    This looks wonderful cycling country(ies), somewhere to add to the list. I see James is competing with Graham (not the cycling – the beard!)


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