Here are the faces of two extremely sweaty, exhausted cyclists, overjoyed to be catching a rare moment of peace on the Ethiopian roads.

This country has undoubtably given us some of the most beautiful and fun cycling of the trip, but it’s been tough, both physically and mentally.

We’ve cycled through the country to the broken record of ‘youyouyou’, ‘moneymoneymoney’, and ‘ChinaChinaChina’. When we’re not being mistaken as Chinese (who have a heavy presence in the country building infrastructure), our identity is diminished to that of ‘farangie’ (white person). We can see how Ethiopia has produced some of the world’s top athletes, given the speed and stamina of the children chasing after us with their cow whips, rocks, and most impressively – attempting to javelin a stick through our back wheels.

Up to Addis, we thought we’d smashed it. Always smiling, waving and joking with the little monsters. But as we moved south our patience wore thin. Every morning felt like we were jeering ourselves up for the battlefield ahead.

We thought we were relatively gentle and polite people – but clearly not. Never have we screamed and sweared so much and so many people!

In all truth, it’s been nowhere near as bad as we expected. We only hitchhiked once towards the end of a day after James went utterly ballistic at a whole village who stood and watched him get whipped by a child with a banana branch whilst he was whizzing down a hill and being overtaken by a bus 😂. It was time to call it a day.

But Kenya is now on the horizon 🥳!

One thought on “Youyouyouyou

  1. Mark CWT says:

    Sounds horrendous and very challenging, from the People perspective that is!! 😳👏👏 🤨
    Onwards and upwards.
    Well done again…


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