Wheely long honeymoon

Cape to Cape ✅

Cape Wrath to Cape Muhuru. Not quite our original plan, but we‘ve learnt that the best adventures take their own path, and for now it’s time to say goodbye to Africa.

We made a difficult decision in Khartoum to shorten our time on the continent before we turn into a case study for antibiotic resistance 😂 (We kept a few unpublished stories to ourselves so we don’t worry anyone at home…more amusement coming your way soon). It took a leap of faith to set out on this trip, but it has undoubtably been the best thing either of us have ever done. Even at the end of our toughest days, we always ask ourselves whether we’d rather be here or back in our normal routine. This always makes us smile, as the answer is never the latter. Sat on the edge of lake Victoria, Tanzania just a few pedal strokes away, we feel a little sad and not quite ready to end our time in Africa, but that’s the way we want this to end – on a high and wishing we had a little longer. We will definitely be back one day to finish our ride to Cape Town.

The stretch to Muhuru is the only part of our trip that has reminded us of Cape Wrath – truly dire roads, tiny remote fishing communities, and a group of friendly faces to celebrate with us.

It’s not quite time to hang our helmets up just yet though….watch this space.

One thought on “Wheely long honeymoon

  1. Mark CWT says:

    Wow!! 😳 😁
    Good for you. Sounds a great way – and mindset – for taking that break…
    It’s been wonderful following you since meeting you both at Cape Wrath, the evening of 1st August!!
    🤣 👏👏👏👏👏 Congratulations on a sensational journey
    Look forward to hearing about your presentation night, get those photos ready and allow for some Q&A 😃👍


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