No one told us there would be another desert!

Pwah! What a place. We’d focused so much energy on cycling through Ethiopia that we hadn’t taken a moment to think about what was coming ahead in Kenya, we just assumed it would be much easier.

A desert in Kenya? No one ever warned us about that. We thought we’d left the camels behind in Sudan. Not only did we face hundreds of kilometres of desert ahead, but the heat was immense, and barely dropped even in the evenings, leaving us to sweat away in our tent.

We quickly had to get back into the habit of planning how much water we needed, not always sure when the next settlement would be. Flagging down a car for help wasn’t really a good option either as we seemed to be the only ones on the road. We drank 14 litres of water between us on one day – and went for a pee just once!! We’d been warned about the Somali bandits on this stretch, but the only people we came across there the magnificently beaded Samburu and Borano tribes.

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