Hello Ethiopia

Well hello Ethiopia! No mistaking that we’ve arrived in country number 15. 100m across the border and we are wondering what’s happened to the quiet, peaceful countryside of Sudan? So many people everywhere – and they’ve all spotted the new farangies in town! As I push my bike away from the customs office I feel something pulling me back – four little hands reaching inside the front pockets of my pannier, disappointed to find only rubbish! A good nudge to remind us to become a little more prudent.

James’ first priority is to scout out the nearest place selling beer, he doesn’t need to look far as the dancing Rastafarian cartwheels out of the bar opposite.

One thing that’s certainly taken our legs by surprise is the mountains, particularly after two months of flat land in Egypt and Sudan. It’s hard to believe how much the landscape can change in just 24 hours. However the reward of some epic views and scenery makes the long climbs worth the effort.

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