All eyes on us

Our first day in Ethiopia and there are lots of things to get used to quickly. The main one is the constant attention we get. We stop for two minutes to take a sip of water and we are surrounded by hundreds of kids. Finding a quiet place to camp was near impossible, so we decided to make friends at a village bar and then ask if we could camp at the back. They gladly agreed to us putting our tent in their yard, as long as we left enough room for the donkey, ox and several goats.

Leaving behind the Arab world, we were looking forward to a lie in now that we weren’t expecting the 4.30am call to prayer. How wrong we were! Turns out that the Ethiopian Orthodox Church has its own call to prayer before the sun comes up, but it continues for two or three hours sometimes! It’s unclear if this will be our morning wake up throughout the whole country, or just over the next couple of weeks in the lead up to Timkat (epiphany). For now at least we’ll be enjoying some early morning rides. This particular Sunday morning we pushed our bikes out into the village to find everyone floating towards the church in their white robes like ghosts – a very surreal but beautiful sight.

One thought on “All eyes on us

  1. Dennis Dearden says:

    Hi there,

    Just so lovely to follow you through your posts on your epic journey…stay safe.

    All our love

    The Dearden’s xx 0771 323 6484



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