Sudan has arguably undergone more significant changes than any other African nation in 2019. Starting with mass protests across the country at the end of 2018 over the price of bread, things quickly spiralled, accumulating with the ousting of the president Bashir in March which signalled the end of a 30 year dictatorship. Things didn’t settle there though, and in June the capital of Khartoum witnessed a brutal massacre and the controversial murder of many protestors.

Arriving in the country in December, we were unsure what to expect. But within the space of a few months the country has managed to organise a new government with civilians, military and representatives from protest groups. The determination of the people to make a positive change for the country was evident everywhere; people talking about their hope for freedom in the future; street artwork; and the several protests that happened during the few weeks there. For many people, the result of a trial ending a few weeks ago which sentenced 29 security officials to death for the murder of a teacher who was involved in one of the original protests was the first step in justice being brought back to the civilians.

Being here at this point in time has reinforced how we take freedom and fairness so much for granted. It’s an incredibly exciting time for Sudan, we just hope things continue in the right direction.

For now we say goodbye to Sudan, but we’ll be watching how things unfurl with great interest. Inshallah we will return to this incredible country again one day.

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