Home away from away

Sudanese hospitality and kindness has absolutely blown us away. 99% of the people we’ve met in this country have greeted us with the utmost warmth and done anything they can to make our journey a little easier. Be that giving us a bed and food for the night, insisting to pay for our bus fare, stopping their truck alongside us on the road to hand us cake and water; even a homeless man foraged for twigs to warm up his tin can stove for chai with a handful of dates. We’ve felt safer in Sudan than in any other country we’ve passed through on this trip so far, and feel incredibly humbled by what we’ve experienced.

We are particularly grateful to some wonderful people who let us stay with them (..sometimes for a very long time!) – Haitham, Khalid, Omer, Ammar and their families. We were always made to feel part of the families and got stuck into daily life with them, including attending a baby photo shoot!

During our last night in Sudan we came across a cotton farming community. Like everyone we meet, they quickly handed out a cup of chai and told us we must sleep in one of their mud huts for the night. Once we convinced them that it would be better for us to put up our tent to protect us from the mosquitos they were very keen to help. They were truly amused and shocked as to how we’d managed to pop out our home from a small bag 😊.

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