Wedding of the year

There may be no sign of reindeer or mince pies in Sudan, but there is certainly no shortage of celebrations. Sometimes things along the road slow us down, but we’re learning that these are often some of the best times. In the north of Sudan we were invited to a Nubian wedding after spending almost a week in the village. Having got married ourselves 4 months ago we were shocked to hear that there could be up to 2000 guests, but they had no idea on the exact numbers 😮. Part of the wedding fun is the preparation – for ladies this means having their henna done. The morning of the wedding breakfast we thought we were going to be late, but our friend Magzoub came to the rescue with his 1950s Morris Minor, insisting that we could easily transport 10 people in this 4 seater power machine. Arriving just ten minutes before kick-off we felt we were pushing things a bit fine – but it turned out they hadn’t even fished the food prep. I was set to work chopping tomatoes and James was put in charge of making sure every silver platter had enough food for 8 people. The celebration itself was full of beautiful chaos, with us left most of the time entirely unaware what was happening and why – but we were certainly made to feel part of the fun. The day ended with a party in the yard of a deserted school. Aptly named ‘the club’, a set of speakers were brought in to pump out a mix of Sudanese electro tunes for everyone to dance until the early morning with.

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