Our first taste of the desert

With three new friends with us on the road, time passes very quickly as we whizz along the empty smooth roads in the Sudanese desert, pushed along with the wind behind us.

After spending a long time clearing customs at the port and then finding out the police station had run out of the stickers they needed to put in our passport, we settled on spending the night at the police station in Wadi Halfa. This gave us a good excuse to try and fix Marielle’s bike which has a broken freewheel, and to work out how to convert our stove from gas to unleaded petrol, which will be our default for the rest of Africa.

We were relieved the following day to finally find a tree to shelter under for lunch (after 50km), as the option of sitting out in the midday heat would have been brutal. Crossing the desert there is very little civilisation, sometimes we pass a small cafeteria by the road, but on some stretches there won’t be anything for several days. Because of this, we are now carrying much more weight as we stock up on food and water to keep us going. Along this first stretch of our journey there are clay pots by the road from which we can take water. We’ve not yet worked out who fills these up, but they are critical to helping us get by. Annoyingly now our filter is broken and the replacement has been shipped to Khartoum we can’t easily drink straight from the pots. The Baboons have kindly let us share their filter (in return for manpower), and we have a lifestraw and purification tablets as a back up.

With Egypt behind us we were even more grateful to have a day on the road completely to ourselves, then camp out under the stars alone.

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