Hello Sudan!

A week earlier than planned, we set sail from Aswan heading for Sudan. We were lucky enough to now have the company of @bikingbaboons, with whom we shared a grateful farewell to Egypt and exchanged stories about our experiences with the police (which made us feel rather lucky about our own encounters). We turned up at the ferry at 10am as instructed, and as with everything in Egypt we didn’t actually set sail until 4pm! We passed on the option to take a cabin in the boat, and instead set up our beds on the top deck and slept under the stars. This seemed like an excellent idea until the call to prayer hailed and we had to move out of the way for the carpet to be rolled out.

20 hours later we arrived in Wadi Halfa, hit by a wave of warmth, both from the smiles of the people and wind coming over the desert. Once we were finally allowed to leave customs when they were confident that we weren’t carrying alcohol, James and Marius got to work on exchanging money. You can’t buy Sudanese money outside of the country, and cashpoints don’t work with our foreign cards, so we had to stock up on dollars before we arrived. With 100 Sudanese pounds being roughly equivalent to £1, the wedge of cash handed over was quite substantial and we had to be inventive with our hiding tactics.

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