We couldn’t believe our eyes

Heading along the road from Qina to Luxor a car drives past with the window down. We cannot believe our eyes when our friend Oli from London pops his head out and gives us a wave. Turns out he was just as surprised as we were to see him as he had no idea that we were even in Egypt yet! The chance that we would cross paths at that very moment was so slim! With Oli only being in Luxor for one day James told me to keep my head down and tuck in as we raced towards the city at twice the speed we usually do, trying to catch up with his car.

With James’ morale not at its peak after constant hassle from the police and our water filter breaking the night before, this couldn’t have been better timing. We spent the afternoon with Oli and Alicia out on Nile, a surreal but very much welcomed day.

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