The hidden bike shop

We’ve travelled a long way without any bike issues, but of course the first serious one was going to hit as soon as we reached Africa. James’s inner and outer rear gear cables both snapped, and the end of the inner got trapped in the hood. Although this should have been a simple thing to fix and we had the spare parts, no amount of YouTubing could help us get the broken end out. Looking south there wasn’t much, and we expected that we might have to travel by train to Aswan to find a mechanic.

In this instance having a police escort had its benefits, and we were able to put the bikes in the van to get a lift to the next city. James was pleased to use some of what he learnt at the @londonbikekitchen and turned his bike into a fixie for the last 10km where the police car was too small to transport us.

Arriving in Sohag we weren’t optimistic about finding someone to solve our problem. After a long time searching with no luck, we couldn’t believe our eyes when we spotted a guy on a very snazzy bike with disc brakes and arobars. He spoke excellent English and told us to follow him through town. He dropped us off in a tiny ally outside a very promising looking bike shop – ‘Extreme Sports Sohag’. They took the bike and in minutes had it apart and started working on it. The police of course couldn’t step away for a few minutes and were trying to get involved and help fix it. Twenty minutes later and James had a bike which not only worked again, but worked better than it did before! The bike shop was incredibly kind, and not only would he not let us pay a penny for the work, but he also gave us brand new parts which we know must have been difficult for him to source in Egypt. Thank you so much Extreme Sports Sohag – we are incredibly lucky to have found you.

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