Monastery of the Virgin Mary

A quick train ride back to Al Wasta and we were reunited with our bikes and on the road again. Two days riding up the Nile we arrived in Assuit where we were able to visit the Virgin Mary Monastery. This giant religious complex is a gated town, heavily guarded by the army. Many Christians in the surrounding area believe that should Islamic terrorists become a threat in the future, they can move here to seek sanctuary. The monastery is predominantly built up of a series of caves in the rock, and is believed to be the last place Jesus, Mary and Joseph visited on their journey through Egypt.

As part of our journey we are working with two great charities, one of which is Girl Guiding Africa. The night that we arrived the monastery, it was filled with thousands of people there to attend a concert hosted by the local Girl Guides and Scouts. Being our first interaction with a local group it was great to see in a small way how the organisation works at the other side of the world.

One thought on “Monastery of the Virgin Mary

  1. Sandy Johnston says:

    Now in Africa the level of intrigue steps up a notch. All I can say is welcome to Africa and have a blast….whilst taking care too. Around 40!years ago my folks flew 3 times from SA to London in a small single engines aircraft. Easier than cycling, but you still have to land and cross borders. They had many remarkably similar experiences to the one you have just had getting into Sudan. Happy travels


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