Africa here we come

London to Istanbul ✅. Bike boxes found ✅. Successfully transported them across the city on our heads ✅. Luggage packed under weight limit ✅. Squeezed boxes and bags into a small car ✅…..Africa here we come….

One thought on “Africa here we come

  1. Lyndy Adlam says:

    Good luck Guys in Africa!! Loved he pictures of all of you in Istanbul, it must have been fabulous for you to see your siblings & Lucy’s parents – it certainly looked like you were having fun!!
    I guess from your comments you got to the rooftop place I suggested, or if not plenty of others with fabulous views!!
    Everyone will be at ours on Boxing Day, so we will raise a glass or 2 to you – maybe we can FT?
    Thinking of you on your ventures, keep the posts coming and travel safe!!!
    Lyndy xxx


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