Stranded 30km from Istanbul

30km from Istanbul and stranded. Lucy’s monthly medical saga is maintaining a good track record and we found ourselves unable to walk anywhere (let alone cycle) due to infected mosquito bites on my ankle.

We were very lucky to be staying with Edip who couldn’t have done more to help us. Not only did he drive us around on a Sunday to find antibiotics, but then took us on a driving tour of his area and out to try local fried anchovies. We spent the next four days sat on his sofa with our feet up. We are so grateful for Edip’s kindness and his stories kept us entertained whilst housebound.

We’d planned to celebrate Turkey’s Republic Day in Istanbul by taking part in the lantern parades and watching fireworks. Instead the excitement of our day involved hanging a flag from the balcony and hobbling a few meters from the flat for my first ever döner kebab – which I now highly approve of!

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