Tea time

We had been told about Turkish hospitality, but we didn’t realise it would be quite so extreme. We only have to stop to check the map for 30 seconds and we are ushered in to the nearest house to sit and drink tea. Unfortunately I really hate tea, but knowing that it’s rude to decline I politely accept and do a cheeky glass switch with James when no one is looking.

Trying to buy bread from a bakery, we were told we couldn’t pay and we were sent away with an extra loaf for the road.

The next day when trying to buy a €1.40 borek feast for lunch, we were ladened with additional cakes, tea and again the told we could not pay. We were then chased down the road by the shop owner who wanted to give us a goody bag of food for the road.

We were stopped by police at a road check point and told to open our panniers. As the policeman went back to his car I started to prepare the passports, but he just laughed at us. Instead of searching our bags he filled them full of fruit and walnuts – he thought we just looked a bit hungry!

So much kindness we’ve experienced from strangers in Turkey so far, and we now have very full bellies! 🙏

3 thoughts on “Tea time

  1. Lyndy Adlam says:

    So fab to see you having a great time in Turkey & meeting lovely, friendly people, i am sure the extra food will be appreciated! All those kilometres you are cycling!
    We love Turkey & Istanbul too. No doubt you have seen Lucy’s parents & the Robinson siblings by now as well, looking forward to hearing that installment!!
    Love, Lyndy Dom & Yasmin xxx


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