Plovdiv: 2019 European Capital of Culture

Plovdiv – The 2019 European Capital of culture, and quite possibly our new favourite city! Making its claim as the 6th oldest city in the world, we certainly weren’t short of history to indulge in. Even the local H&M had recently converted its basement baby department into a viewing gallery for the hippodrome buried below.

Although a popular destination for visitors, it’s also a city that is lived in and loved by locals – puppet shows on the street for children, men gathering to play backgammon in the park, impromptu dancing in the town square.

We took up the offer to see a free theatre show as part of the Capital of Culture programme. The show was called ‘100% Plovdiv’, involving 100 people from the city who represented the diversity of its inhabitants. We spent a good two hours trying to figure out what was happening as the promised English subtitles never materialised.

Like many great cities (Rome, Jerusalem, Istanbul, Sheffield) Plovdiv is built on Seven Hills, giving us too many options to watch the sun go down each evening.

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