Howling wolves

Our last night on the Danube, and what a sunset to wave farewell to! It was also our first night in country number 10, 🇧🇬 Bulgaria.

It wasn’t such a peaceful night to be had though. As soon as we settled down in bed, we started to hear howling animals. I shoved my earplugs in a little further and rolled over…it is probably just cats! Two hours later and we both woke to the same racket but much louder. There were two packs of animals, one on the other side of the river in Romania, and another VERY close to our tent singing to one another (and walking around our tent). We’d had mixed messages from locals about wolves in the forests, but so far had never heard or seen anything. Some locals told us not to wild camp because the wolves were dangerous, others told us that they were harmless. For this night though we continued to tell ourselves it was just cats 🐈! Curiosity got the better of us in the morning, and a quick google of ‘howling wolves’ confirmed that indeed the racket was wolves. If you want to find out what that sounds like –

We have spent exactly a month (mostly) following the Danube, and what a treat it’s been. It’s somewhat bigger and noisier than the small stream we joined in Germany, but it’s taken us to hotter and more exciting places. The most popular cycle route to Istanbul is to follow the Danube to the Black Sea and then take the coastal route. We’ve decided that we want to explore more of Bulgaria, and get some mountain training in before Ethiopia, so for now it is time to say goodbye Danube and Eurovelo6!

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