Always hungry!

One of the most common questions we get is: “what do you eat?” The answer… “a lot!” Throughout Europe we’ve been enjoying the luxury of always being hungry and eating what we want, when we want. However we are prepared for this to change soon!

Breakfast is usually muesli and banana. Sadly the glutinous days of cheap chocolate granola in Germany are behind us, and we are back onto the hamster version. At first we vigilantly bought fresh milk each day. Now we see how long it takes for a UHT carton to fail the sniff test, and add a bit of water to make it last. A little dubious given we are still in the high 20s and don’t have a fridge.

Most lunch times we find a bakery for bread and something to stuff inside. Again, we started luxuriously with cheese and salami, and now search out the cheapest Eastern European triangular cheese. As a treat we boil eggs the night before or pick up a tin of sardines.

Our foolproof dinner is pasta, stock cube, cheap local veg (red peppers are currently 45p/kg 😋), kidney beans or red lentils and seasoning of the month. We can only carry one jar at a time, so currently every meal tastes of smokey paprika! We try to eat out once in each country to try the local delicacies, and have a change from our one pot wonders. We’ve also been taken in by so many kind hosts who have cooked us incredible local dishes.

On top of all this there are lots of snacks to keep us going on the road – nuts, biscuits, bread, honey, ice cream, the list goes on. There is nothing better going into a bakery hungry and being faced with dozens of cheap delights. Our favourite at the moment is ‘borek’, a curly filo pastry stuffed with white cheese and spinach! They are getting better as we move east, so we have high hopes for Turkey where we’ve been told they originate.

Finally – lots of fruit! We often pick it from trees along the cycle paths, and sometimes the people who fill up our water bottles pack us off with things from their garden. We don’t really want to carry an extra 2kg of apples, but it would be rude to decline, so we overdose on fibre for half a day!

Not sure how you feel reading this, but writing it has left us hungry…

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