Going local

“I am going to have a proper adventurer beard by the time we get to Cape Town”….Four weeks later, “it’s getting a bit ichy”….. Six weeks later, “hmmm, I look a bit wild”…..2 months later (after dinner with our host) “you could have told me I had egg all around my chops – this has got to go”

They didn’t seem to understand when I asked for a number 6 on the back and sides, but made a decision on what to do when I said our next stop was Serbia. A bit shorter than the Novak Djokovic look I was hoping for.

2 thoughts on “Going local

  1. Dennis Dearden says:

    We’re joined your following and lovely to see the fantastic progress you’ve made…can’t believe you’ve not had a puncture, long may it continue! Stay safe, all our love the Dearden’s


  2. Mark says:

    Superb James!!
    You did well to last as long as you did!!
    It’s been a long time since the CW departure when we saw you guys!!
    🚲 🚲


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