A quick trip to Potsdam

A trip to Germany isn’t complete without a visit to Big Matt and Lena. James convinced me that a 7 hour flixbus ride would be a good idea… inevitably 9 hours later we still hadn’t reached Berlin as a passenger had called the police to say our driver had gone over his 4 hour driving limit without a stop 🤦‍♂️. However it was certainly worth the long drive to get to spend the weekend with these two. We had our own personal tour guide (Matt) who told us all about the history of Potsdam, from the Prussians to modern times. In honour of Frederick II who introduced the kartoffel 🥔 to Germany, we spent two nights feasting on it. We didn’t manage to escape cycling for the weekend, as part of our tour involved cycling around the local lakes to visit the home of Einstein, a small and modest building set back into the forest. Thank you for a wonderful weekend Big Matt and Lena!

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