A life without plastic

One of the best things about staying with different people along our way is that we get to see how others live, and take ideas for when we return to the UK. Sebastian and Lena were a very inspirational young couple who try to live an entirely eco-friendly life. All their food comes from their garden, a farm which they have a share in, or from Germany’s ‘Food Sharing’ scheme which rescues waste food from supermarkets and cafes. Not only that, but they keep bees, make their own toiletries and never buy single use plastic. I’m not sure we could live up to their lifestyle, but definitely something to reflect on. Whilst we were staying with them they let us try their recumbent tandem – I certainly get a better view from the front seat than my usual position slip streaming behind James.

One thought on “A life without plastic

  1. Tony says:

    Hi Lucy and James,

    Great to hear from you via the blog; think you might have talked Liz and I into a recumbent machine ready for next year (mmm…..) ? Even the very traditional Melbourne festival has gone bike mad this year, check out the locals below ! Happy belated birthday, all the best, and have a great time …. *Tschüss!* Liz & Tony

    [image: image.png]

    [image: image.png]


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